As your offshore crew need to keep themselves in fine shape, so do your elevators and lifts need regular maintenance in order to guarantee their continual high performance. Now, whether your elevator was designed and installed by us or not, our well-trained, offshore-certified, experienced engineers will gladly carry out regular maintenance programmes, as well as annual inspections.
Elevator maintenance anywhere in the world
Our highly equipped technology enables us to call into your elevator’s controller and check if everything is still running as smoothly as it should. So you see, distance is not an issue. We can carry out offshore elevator maintenance anywhere in the world. And if there is a problem we can solve if for you just like that or we can look over our local engineer’s shoulder and help him solve the problem on site.

Contact us for your maintenance programme
So, would you like us to help you keep ahead of problems? Feel free to contact us for the elevator maintenance programme for your offshore site.

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