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According to our clients, our elevators and lifts can be relied on to function optimally 24/7. Although we like receiving such uplifting compliments on our performance, we are still very down to earth regarding our elevators’ life span. Sure, on the whole, our elevators go a very long way, still, from experience we know they sometimes need refitting.
Ensure a longer elevator working life
Whether the control system needs replacing or you wish to adapt an elevator, with our overhaul & refit we can ensure a longer elevator working life. We can refit any type and make of elevator, as we use open source controllers. And even if it may sound drastic, we can readily overhaul and refit your elevator to have it running smoothly again in a minimum of time. Is your elevator due for an overhaul? Please contact us and we can discuss how to bring your elevator or lift up to mark again.

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