Dumb Waiters

Just like the workers, the elevators on an offshore site, need to be tough, reliable and high-performing. Our dumb waiters fit this profile like a heavy duty oil rig working glove. This strong, silent type elevator will do its job as long as you require, even when your crew is sound asleep after its shift is over.
Transport all kinds of small goods
Although smaller than its ‘elder brother’, the Lift Emotion trolley lift, the dumb waiter is just as tough, enduring, and flexible in design. Traditionally, dumb waiters are used for transporting food between several floors, hence the name, however, the dumb waiter we design for your offshore site, can transport all kinds of small goods – weighing up to 100 kg.

Does the job without a squeak
So, if you require a small goods lift that does the job without a squeak, the dumb waiter is your ‘man’. Feel free to contact us and place your order. We’ll have your custom dumb waiter serving you in no time.

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