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Picture this: Monday 8:30 a.m., the elevator swiftly, yet gently, conveys its party of businesspeople to the floor of their choice. Hardly the scene of an offshore site, is it? Well no, yet, we believe the comparison goes a long way. Because, whether they’re wearing pinstripe suits and brogues, or overalls, steel-capped boots and hard hats, Lift Emotion crew elevators transport crews, quickly, safely and comfortably wherever they need to be.
Sturdy, reliable and efficient
In an offshore environment, you simply can’t rely on weather or sea conditions. However, you won’t be in for any surprises as far as our crew elevators are concerned. Built to integrate with oil platforms, they are sturdy, reliable and efficient, powered by proven Lift Emotion technology. Our elevators run on open source equipment and can even be ‘checked on’ at any distance via the elevator’s controller. In addition, maintenance is low and spares are easy to come by.

An easy-going ride in the roughest of seas
So, are you looking for a crew elevator for your oil platform or other offshore site? Look no further. Our elevators provide your crew with an easy-going ride in the roughest of seas and the heaviest of storms. Feel free to contact us for the crew elevator for your offshore site.

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