Cargo Lifts

Yes, we get the picture, creating space for supplies, tools and materials on oil rigs, wind turbines and other offshore sites can be very challenging indeed. And then there is the matter of transporting cargo from the supply vessel to the different deck levels of, for example, your oil rig. Let us take care of this for you with cargo lifts tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Handle any kind of heavy lifting
Lift Emotion cargo lifts are extremely powerful, robust and reliable. These tough workhorses are designed to handle any kind of heavy lifting and level to level transportation on your offshore site, whatever the conditions. In addition, all equipment is open source, and spares are therefore very easy to come by.

Tell us about your cargo challenge
So, what kind of loads do you have to deal with? Is level-to-level transportation getting on top of you? Please tell us about your cargo challenge. We are raring to go and design your cargo lift.

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